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Improve daytime sleepiness with quality sleep!

Sleep is a necessary physiological phenomenon for living things, but some people suffer from excessive sleepiness, such as "I feel sleepy no matter how much I sleep" or "I can't wake up when I need to". In that case, perhaps there is a clear cause for improvement.

Table of contents

Cause of drowsiness

A disease in which drowsiness is one of the symptoms

How to get good sleep

How to deal with drowsiness

Cause of drowsiness

Common causes of drowsiness include lack of sleep, poor quality of sleep, large changes in blood sugar levels between 30 minutes and 1 hour after meals, hypoglycemia due to hunger or dietary restrictions, and disturbance of the autonomic nervous system due to stress.

The autonomic nervous system is closely related to sleep. During the day, the sympathetic nervous system activates the body, but at night, the parasympathetic nervous system shifts the body and brain into rest mode, leading to sleep. However, this switching is not performed well due to stress and disturbance of the rhythm of life.

Hormonal imbalance is especially common in women. During menopause and menopause, estrogen levels drop. As a result, your resistance to stress decreases, which in turn leads to poor sleep quality and sleep deprivation.

A disease in which drowsiness is one of the symptoms

The cause of drowsiness may not be sometimes common. In other words, when drowsiness appears as a symptom of some disease. Hypersomnia, which is one of the sleep disorders, corresponds to this.

There are multiple types of hypersomnia. The first is "narcolepsy," which has symptoms such as falling asleep during the day, difficulty in exerting physical strength when laughing, crying, or getting angry, sleep paralysis, and hallucinations when falling asleep. The second is "idiopathic hypersomnia," in which a person falls asleep during the day and does not wake up even if they try to wake him/her up. The third is "recurrent hypersomnia," in which periods of somnolence and normal states alternate for several days to three weeks.

How to get good sleep

To avoid feeling drowsy during the day, ensure good sleep and rest your brain and body. Here are four tips to improve your sleep quality.

To satisfy these four points, it is important to spend time before going to bed. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to spend the night to improve your sleep quality.

STEP1:Take a bath in hot water of 39-40℃ for 10-15 minutes.

STEP2:After bathing, do some light stretching to relax your mind and body.

STEP3:About 30 minutes before going to bed, turn off the lights in your room and go into sleep mode.

In addition to these, if you let the scent of your favorite aroma drift in the bedroom, the relaxation effect will be further improved, and you can have good quality sleep.

Better sleep can prevent daytime sleepiness from hampering your work performance. Not only that, but it also balances the autonomic nervous system and hormones, so you can build a healthy body. Take care of the time before going to bed and improve the quality of your sleep.

How to deal with drowsiness

It is said that if you feel sleepy, taking a short nap of no more than 30 minutes in the afternoon will help your brain to rest and help relieve sleepiness. However, if you are at work or do not have time to take a nap, try the following method.

  • Speaking to stimulate the brain

  • Cooling the face and neck with cold water to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system

  • Drinking cold water to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system

  • Consuming caffeine or chewing gum to stimulate the brain

  • Ingesting glucose

  • Doing light stretches to wake up your brain and body

  • Pressing effective points for drowsiness

Effective points for drowsiness

   ①Seimei(晴明): Acupuncture points on the inner corner of the eye, slightly closer to the nose

   ②Taiyo(太陽): Acupuncture point located slightly closer to the corner of the eye from the temple

   ③Huchi(風池): The hollow behind the neck around the hairline

If you want to get rid of sudden drowsiness, stimulate your brain or move your body to wake you up.


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