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How to choose meals at convenience stores that do not make menstrual pain worse

The food provided at convenience stores and restaurants tends to lack nutrients. Especially during menstruation, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition management. In this article, we will introduce in detail how to buy and eat so that you can get the recommended nutrients in a well-balanced manner, avoiding junk foods that are easy to choose when shopping at convenience stores or eating out.

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Bad food combinations that tend to be chosen at convenience stores

Nutrients recommended during menstruation and foods to choose at convenience stores during menstruation

Bad food combinations that tend to be chosen at convenience stores

The following are some of the bad eating combinations that we tend to fall into while choosing without thinking.

Too much carbs

High-energy carbohydrate foods are relatively cheap and make us easy to feel satisfied when eaten, so many people buy more than one carbohydrate item. For example, combinations such as pasta and a rice ball, a stuffed bun and a sandwich, a rice bowl and a sweet bun, etc., lead to excessive intake of carbohydrates.

Lack of vegetables

Convenience store bento boxes often do not provide the required amount of vegetables. However, there are few types of side salads, and many people get bored. Also, salads aren't cheap to begin with, so if you're on a tight lunch budget, they can be difficult to buy.

Lack of protein

Some people may opt for salad pasta or salad bowls to avoid the problem of too many carbs and not enough veggies. However, they lack meat and fish, which are the main menus, so that alone may lead to a lack of protein.

Too much fat

If you choose only based on deliciousness, you will end up with excess fat, such as buying bento boxes for deep-fried foods such as croquettes and tempura, and ordering snacks like fried chicken and nuggets sold next to the cash register. In addition, instant food that is easy to cook often uses a lot of oil, and people often unconsciously eat too much fat.

Nutrients recommended during menstruation and foods to choose at convenience stores during menstruation

Especially during menstruation, you should not choose only menus that are bad for your body, but you should take a proper balance of nutrients that are effective in relieving menstrual pain. The nutrients, specific products, and menus to be taken are as follows.

Magnesium (especially soy products)

Uterine contractions during menstruation are strengthened by an increase in the amount of calcium in the cells. Magnesium helps flush out excess calcium, which may reduce uterine contractions and ease menstrual cramps.

Foods containing magnesium include nuts, natto, and kelp.

Therefore, it is a good idea to buy miso soup with tofu and seaweed, and salads using seaweed such as sea lettuce, green laver, and kelp at convenience stores. Also, when you are hungry, we recommend eating a combination of different types of nuts such as almonds, cashew nuts, and sesame, or chewing products like pacifier kombu thoroughly to get a feeling of satisfaction.


During menstruation, you tend to be iron deficient. This is because blood is discharged outside the body along with the endometrium during menstruation, which causes anemia and fatigue. In addition, if anemia is left untreated, blood circulation may worsen, the body may become cold, and menstrual pain may worsen. Let's consciously take a lot of iron, which tends to be deficient.

Foods that contain iron include spinach, broccoli, oysters, red meat, liver, and prunes. At convenience stores, you can aim to increase the absorption rate of iron by ingesting foods that contain a lot of vitamin C, such as broccoli and lemon, rather than iron alone.

Something warm

During menstruation, the body tends to get colder than usual. It is not uncommon for the cold to worsen the blood circulation and worsen the symptoms of menstrual cramps. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose foods that warm your body as much as possible.

Foods that warm the body include root vegetables such as ginger, green onions, burdock, carrots, herbal tea and cocoa.

When shopping, we recommend hot soups such as miso soup and soup, as well as oden. In addition, hot beverages such as herbal tea are said to be effective for mental disorders as they have a relaxing effect at the same time due to their scent and aroma. One thing to watch out for, however, is overdosing on caffeine. Don't drink coffee too much, even if it's a warm drink, as caffeine can make cramps worse and cause anemia and constipation.


Even during menstruation, you can take an effective diet for alleviating menstrual pain by combining foods that are conscious of the nutrients you need while avoiding bad menus depending on your ingenuity. Please try to have a well-balanced diet.


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